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1999-08 Ramones: No Reunion (Metal Hammer)
The Ramones will never reform, according to vocalist Joey Ramone. «I was glad we broke up when we did,» says Joey.

I was sick of these guys. We weren’t the best of friends. There was just too much bullshit. We did it for almost 23 years and were always in a constant touring situation, travelling in close quarters to save money. Me and [guitarist] Johnny never got along, because he crossed the line with me in a personal situation back in the ’80s so that destroyed our relationship right there, and [drummer] Mark is an arsehole. I needed a change of scenery and if it’s not fun any more, what’s the point?"

Far for being idle, Joey’s services are in constant demand. His latest musical foray is in the area of production, twiddling the knobs for, among others, a horror ska band called The Independents, who come from South Carolina.

Despite no longer fronting a band, Joey remains as passionate about music as always. «Music is what comes first in my life. It rules my life and since I was a kid it has been my salvation». The Ramones release a box set called ’Hey Ho! Let’s Go! : Ramones Anthology’ through Warner Brothers/Rhino on July 19. And, according to Joey, it was a labour of love for Gary Stewart at Rhino Records, the man who compiled it.

«It wasn’t our idea, it was his», says the singer. «Gary was at our very first show in Los Angeles in 1976 and has been a huge fan throughout. Me and John have been working with him to get all the best stuff on there to make this a great package.»

Metal Hammer
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