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Joey Ramone (1982)

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2002.03.18 Eddie Vedders Ramones Speech: We Accept You, O

By now most rock fans have probably heard about Eddie Vedder’s extended tribute to the “Ramones” during this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies on March 20. The “Pearl Jam” vocalist is a devout fan of the famed punk unit, and before he brought them up to the stage for their moment in the sun, he offered a 16-minute testimony to their greatness, explaining what he learned from them and reminding the world that the “Ramones” never particularly got the mainstream acceptance their smart and silly music deserves. The full speech was cut from the TV show for time-constraint reasons. We thought you’d like to read it, though. It’s rather inspiring. Here’s a star who’s still a fan going off on one of his main inspirations. Nice job, Eddie.

The Ramones, comprising Johnny Ramone (b. John Cummings, 8 October 1948, Long Island, New York, USA; guitar), Dee Dee Ramone (b. Douglas Colvin, 18 September 1951, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; bass, vocals) and Joey Ramone (b. Jeffrey Hyman, 19 May 1951, New York City, New York, USA, d. 15 April 2001, New York City, New York, USA; drums) made their debut at New York’s Performance Studio on 30 March 1974.
Know Your New York Bands
1-2-3-4! The Ramones stride on stage, plug in their guitars, and take off. The next 45 minutes are a total energy blast. The group does song after song with hardly a word spoken. The longest lapse between each songs is 13 seconds.
Insignia For the 70
These guys come on like gangbusters in case you haven’t gotten the picture yet. And kid, you better get the picture! Once it’s showtime, they move brother, so stay outta the way and watch them wage war against time as they churn out songs faster ‘n you can say 1-2-3-4! You’ll get a chance to come up for air and catch your breath every two minutes or so but who wants to wait?
Four Decades of Rock: the Ramones
Having changed the world, the first family of punk grows old together.
25 Years Ago. The Birth of Punk
On August 16 the pioneering punk-rock band the Ramones made its debut at CBGB's, a seedy Bowery bar that one French reference work extravagantly calls le temple new-yorkais du punk. Only someone who has never been to CBGB's could use the word temple to describe it; in truth it was, and is, a miserable hole that you would compliment by calling a dive. Even today a visit will open the eyes of anyone who thinks a flannel shirt defines grunge.
2002-02 the 50 Greatest Bands (Spin)
«The Ramones’ genius is that they could say in two minutes what it takes most bands five minutes to say. You hear any of their songs once and you’ll walk away knowing it. I also wanna say that if Joey Ramone and Jeff Spicoli had a baby, it’d be Sum-41.» — Deryck Whibley, Sum-41
2001-08 the Beginners Guide to the Ramones (Metal Hammer)
As Recommended By Joey Ramone
2001-04-20 Remembering Joey (www.rollingstone.com)
David Byrne, Billie Joe Armstrong and more pay tribute to Joey Ramone
1999-08 Ramones: No Reunion (Metal Hammer)
The Ramones will never reform, according to vocalist Joey Ramone. «I was glad we broke up when we did,» says Joey.
1976-04 Punk Magazine, Issue #3
Punk Magazine, Issue #3
1996-12 Rock Stardom 101
Rock Stardom 101, a step-by-step guide OR it was 20 years ago today the Ramones learned how to play
1996 Joey Remembers Rock'n'Roll Radio
The Ramones are just the most impressive and cool band going these days. At least according to Joey Ramone, but he might be a touch biased. Of course, you can't argue with him too hard. Not only does he Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio, he reshaped it. Twenty some years ago in such ripe locations as the basement of famed New York club, CBGB's, punk was born in a big bang called the Ramones. Since then the fast beat, loud guitars and Joey's vocals haven't changed, but the audiences have.
1995 Ramones' Adios is for Real After All
Gender Gap In Madonna's Court Win
1993, 1999 I'm a Teenage Lobotomy!
The Ramones were the New York personification of punk rock. In fact, when CBGBs owner Hilly Kristal picked American bands to tour in England, he chose the Ramones. So in a sense, the Ramones were the first American punk band ever seen by the future generation of English punks.
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