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Jerry Only (Sheremetyevo-2 Airport, Moscow, Russia 23.09.04)

Shot My TV

2009 — Shot My TV Skinny Bones is a well known person to the “Ramones” fans. Introduced to Dee Dee Ramone in the end of the 80s, he recorded with him a several songs and continued to collaborate with the other memebers of the “Ramones”. Co-wrote songs with Marky Ramone you can hear on the studio albums “Mondo Bizarro” and “Adios Amigos”. He was also a part of Joey Ramone’s band “The Resistance” and then Marky’s post-Ramones project “The Intruders”.

This Autumn Skinny Bones and his “The Gonedaddys” presents their own studio album “Shot My TV”. An Italian label “Nicotine Records” will release it on CD and as well on LP. The bonus track called “Nothing Is Innocent” is one of those co-written songs with Dee Dee Ramone.

C.Jay Ramone Rides Again

American PunkOn July 7 will start the worldwide tour of C.Jay’s new band “American Punk”. Besides C.Jay Ramone on bass and lead vocals the other members are a famous punk producer Daniel Rey on guitar, C.Jay’s “Bad Chopper” bandmate Brian Costanza (“Out Cold”) on second guitar and ex-drummer of the Californian stoner rock band “Kyuss” Brant Bjork (now “Brant Bjork and the Bros”). The setlist will consist of the “Ramones” classic hits also including the songs that C.Jay sang as the “Ramones” memeber such as “Strength to Endure”, “The Crusher” ect.


Two albums on one CD

2009 — False Alarm / Youth Gone Mad  Two American punk bands “False Alarm” (from Los Angeles) and “Youth Gone Mad” (from New York City) has released a CD with their full-lenght albums “Fuck ‘Em We’ve All Ready (Now) Won!” and “Youth Gone Mad feat. Dee Dee Ramone”. 27 tracks in total where 5 of them were written by Dee Dee Ramone and also cover versions of the “Ramones”, “New York Dolls”, “Dead Boys”. Both albums has the special guests: from the Flase Alarm side are Cheetah Chrome (“Dead Boys”, “Rocket From the Tomb”), and the veterans of the Los Angeles punk scene Rick Wilder (“Berlin Brats”, “Mau Maus”) and De De Troit, (U.X.A.); Dee Dee Ramone and Barbara Zampini are from the “Youth Gone Mad” side.

Vera Ramone King Book

2009 — Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee RamoneVera Boldis, Dee Dee Ramone’s first wife, has finished working on her autobiography “Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones Years)”. The book will be released on July 2009 by “Phoenix Books” under the author pseudonym Vera Ramone King.

Dee Dee and Vera were married for 17 years (1978—1995). She knew him the best as nobody else as a rash, violent, insane, but at the same time as a talanted, hardworking, generous and loving man.

It will be illustrated with more than 50 unpublished before pictures by famous rock-photographers Bob Gruen and Keith Green.

Ramones in Rusisan BRAVO Magazine

«BRAVO» #4/09In the last issue of a Russian edition of BRAVO Magazine #4/09, this week completely dedicated to punk rock, has published an article about the “Ramones” for beginners written by “Tarakany!” lead singer Dmitry Spirin (on the cover). Magazine spread has a poster of the “Ramones” from 1977.

Also in the number: “Tarakany!”, “The Clash”, “Sex Pistols”, Sid & Nancy, NOFX, “Misfits” and many more.

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