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JB Scott's, Albany, USA 29.05.80

Marky on Jonny's autobiography

Marky Ramone has posted an update on the band’s official website about the unfinished autobiography Johnny was working on when he passed away in September. 


“I’m getting letters from fans about Johnny’s book (that he didn’t finish), I want to say a few words about that. Johnny was writing his book, but unfortunately it wasn’t finished. His writer called me for an interview, about 4 months ago, and was very professional. I just hope that there isn’t going to be someone else completing Johnny’s book, it wouldn't be accurate, and we definitely don't need another book of quotes. He did tell me that he was going to make a book that included posters, backstage passes, old photos and other interesting things to look at. I’d like to see that, it sounds cool! Thanks for your positive e-mail and curiosity about me and Mickey, doing some shows together. It should be fun for everyone. Have a happy holiday, and a great new year. see ya soon”.

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