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Ramones by Nicholas Rombes

A new “Ramones” book will be published in North America from March 1 (in Europe and the rest of the world from April 1! It's published by Continuum as part of 33 1/3 series of books about critically acclaimed and much-loved albums of the past 40 years.
Editorial reviews: What could be more punk rock than a band that never changed, a band that for decades punched out three-minute powerhouses in the style that made them famous? The “Ramones” repetition and attitude inspired a genre, and “Ramones” set its tone. Nicholas Rombes examines punk history, with the recording of “Ramones” at its core, in this inspiring and thoroughly researched justification of his obsession with the album. Nicholas Rombes is an associate professor of English at the University of Detroit Mercy, where he teaches and writes about film, music, and pop culture. His writing has appeared in a range of publications, including
Exquisite Corpse and McSweeney's online. He is also the editor of the forthcoming book New Punk Cinema.
Ramones, by Nicholas Rombes is available through online booksellers and all fine bookstores and music stores. www.ramones.ru is very grateful to David Barker PhD, acquisitions editor from
Continuum for the possiblity to read the book one of the first.

"Rock 'N' Roll High School" re-issue

rock-n-roll-high-school-re-issueOn December 13 the movie "Rock 'N' Roll High School" featuring the Ramones was re-issued. The new version 2005 called "Rock 'N' Roll High School: Rock On Edition". Except the original 1979 movie, the new DVD has some extras:

— "Back To School: A Retrospective" — The making of the movie with all-new interviews with Allan Arkush, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, Dey Young, Marky Ramone, Loren Lester, and more;
— Audio commentary with Roger Corman and Dey Young;
— Original audio commentary with director Allan Arkush, producer Michael Finnell, and screenwriter Richard Whitley;
— Original theatrical trailer;
— Audio outtakes at the Roxy, original recordings of the Ramones during the shooting of the final scene;
— Original radio ads.

Ramoneskidz: Russian DIY tribute to the Ramones
Ramoneskidz: Russian DIY tribute to the RamonesFinally in october 2005 the first russian tribute to the Ramones called RAMONESKIDZ: Russian DIY tribute to Ramones was released. This compilation include 29 tracks which made in different styles as classic punk rock 77, surf, death metal, heavy metal, blues, ska...
We're back!
1. Ramones Night Tour reviews. Fotos at Tarakany's site, Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone's reviews, Marky's message at official site: Marky here, just got back from a European and South American tour. I want to say a few words: I want to thank Tarakany for backing me on theEuropean dates I just did...
2. Site "Poison Heart" is making an international fanlist.
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