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Copenhagen, Denmark, 12.05.77

Johnny Ramone Radio Interview

Indie 103.1In honour of Johnny Ramones’ 60th Birthday Anniversary the official website www.johnnyramone.com has published Johnny’s interview to Steve Jones (“Sex Pistols”) on the radio show “Jonsey’s Jukebox”, which was originally aired in February 21, 2004 on “Indie 103.1”.

As a streaming audio it’s available here or on Johnny’s official MySpace page. 

Vera Boldis-Ramone Writes a Book About Dee Dee

Linda Ramone, Linda Drake & Vera RamoneDee Dee Ramone first wife Vera Boldis-Ramone also known as Baby Doll King is currently finishing writing a book about the years of marriage with Dee Dee Ramone called “Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones Years)”. This book is written after Vera’s experience with an American psychic Linda Drake, who became a provider between Vera and spirit of Dee Dee.

Vera Ramone: “I went through so many years caring this heaviness and guilt with me of losing someone’s so close to me and after he (Dee Dee Ramone) passed on in 2002  I felt that I was never gonna have the closer that I needed... This book was written by me as “personal” request by Dee Dee himself through Linda Drake to me on his behalf. I hope NOT to disappoint him in any way because he knew that I knew the real Dee Dee better than almost anyone and he wants me tell the true story. I hope to have it published sometime in 2008”.

Osaka Popstar New Live CDEP

2008 — Rock’em O-Sock’em Live! “Osaka Popstar” which drummer is Marky Ramone, will release a new live CDEP “Rock’em O-Sock’em Live!”. It was recorded on October 31, 2006 in New Jersey at one of the shows during the “Fiend Fest ’06”. Features 9 tracks, 6 favorites from the first album “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk” and 3 cover versions of the “Ramones”. The cover art was made in a traditional style for the trading stickers “Garbage Pail Kids” by the “Topps”. Each limited edition digipak includes free exclusive GPK trading card. 

Safe Sex. Smart Fun. Sound Live.

“Too Tuff To Break”Supported by Marky Ramone “Ready two Go” company has released the Signature Marky Ramone Safer Sex Kit.  “I’ve joined the fight against STD’s and AIDS in partnership with “Ready two Go”, which is a great company that is passionate about sharing the message of safe-sex with everybody” — says Marky.

Safer sex kit is black or silver tin with Marky Ramone “Too Tuff To Break” logotype printed on the top includes 1 STD resource card, 2 “LifeStyles Ultra Form” fitting lubricated condoms and 1 3ml sensual lubrication.

Bad Chopper Debut Album

2007 — Bad ChopperFour years after the single “Real Bad Time”, “Bad Chopper” leads by C.Jay Ward-Ramone have recorded the debut 12-track full-length album which in such cases got a classical title “Bad Chopper”. On this record have taken part an additional musicians: Walter Lure (ex-“The Heartbreakers”, “The Waldos”) and Daniel Rey, who also became a producer. It will be released on “Acme Records” on December-January 2007/2008.


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