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Johnny Ramone

2001 — New Prohibition: A Musical History of Hemp

2001 — New Prohibition: A Musical History of Hemp

Release Date:
Record Label: Viper Records
Produced by Hal Willner & Jonathan Stuart
Recorded at WKLA, Los Angeles, USA by Wayne Kramer;
The Village, Santa Monica, USA by Eric Liljestrand; Points West Recording, Los Angeles, USA by Eric Liljestrand; The Boiler Room, New Orleans, USA by Mark Bingham; Manic Moose, New York City, USA by Tom Swift
Mixed at The Village, Santa Monica, USA by Eric Liljestrand
Mastered at Prime Post, Los Angeles, USA by Eric Liljestrand
Artwork: Peter Bennett

The House Band Line-Up:
Chris Brubeck: Bass, Trombone
Wayne Kramer: Guitar, Keyboards
Hal Willner: Samples
Danny Frankel: Drums, Percussion
Ric Parnell: Drums
Perry Robinson: Clarinet
Julie Christensen: Backing Vocals
Janiva Magness: Backing Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens: Lead Vocals (2, 12)
Cy Curnin: Lead Vocals (3)
Taj Mahal: Lead Vocals (4)
The Mighty Echoes: Lead Vocals (5)
Peter Stampfel: Lead Vocals (6)
Charmaine Neville: Lead Vocals (7)
Eric Mingus: Lead Vocals (8)
Sir Harry Bowens: Lead Vocals (9)
John Sinclair: Lead Vocals (10)
Dee Dee Ramone: Lead Vocals (11)
The Willners: Lead Vocals (13)

#TitleTimeWritten by
Jonathan Stuart
02On to Something Good
Jonathan Stuart
03New Prohibition4:03
Jonathan Stuart
04Slow Lane
4:05Jonathan Stuart
05Music’s So Much Better
Jonathan Stuart
06Balance The Budget
4:58Jonathan Stuart
07High and Mighty
Jonathan Stuart
08Monster Marijuana
5:27Jonathan Stuart
09Lost In My Lady 5:21
Jonathan Stuart
10George Washington
3:55Jonathan Stuart
11Pass it to Jah
5:40Jonathan Stuart
12Reefer Ain’t Nothing New
6:28Jonathan Stuart
13Looks Are Decieving
5:18Jonathan Stuart
14Something Good Remix
Jonathan Stuart
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