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2009 — I Married Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones Years)

2009 — Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee Ramone

Author: Vera Ramone King
Publisher: Phoenix Books
ISBN-10: 1-59777-612-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-59777-612-7
Release Date: July 2009
Number of Pages: 256 p.
Language: English






    “I’ll always be grateful to Vera and thank her for loving and taking such good care of my son for so many years. Her story tells it all and this final tribute to Dee Dee will keep his legacy alive long after he’s gone. I know he’s smiling down from heaven.
    — Doug’s Mom

    “Vera Ramone was Dee Dee Ramone’s wife, lover, punching bag, babysitter, and support system. In this riveting memoir of a romance on the edge, she chronicles both the recklessness and the poetry of a disturbed but talented punk God.
    — Michael Musto, “Village Voice”

    “The sweet, heartbreaking tale of Vera Ramone’s shattered romance with Dee Dee unflinchingly told from the flickering gloom and glitter of the Punk bunker.
    — David Dalton, founder of “Rolling Stone” magazine and author of “El Sid: Saint Vicious”

    “As Dee Dee Ramone’s wife, Vera Ramone King was half of punk-rock’s royal couple, but at tremendous cost. Her inspiring memoir “Poisoned Heart”, while vividly portraying a marriage savaged by the late Ramone’s mental illness, also shows King to be a true survivor, not only of an abusive relationship but one of the most exhilarating periods in rock ‘n’ roll history...
    — Jim Bessman, “Billboard Magazine”, Author “Ramones: An American Band

    “King contends that Dee Dee was the soul of the band, and while she provides plenty of harrowing instances of his cruelty, she also depicts him warmly as a Peter Pan man-child ‘musical genius with a heart of gold.’ His overdose at age 49, in between the too-early deaths, of co-founding bandmates Joey and Johnny, is truly tragic, if seemingly inevitable. But while King understandably worries about a Ramones Curse, she herself has clearly survived: ‘I have chosen, rather than to cry over what I’ve lost, to smile about what I’ve had,’ she concludes, her own heart anything but poisoned.
    — Jim Bessman, Billboard Magazine, Author “Ramones: An American Band

    “As one who was really there and lived to tell the tale, Vera Ramone has written a beautifully tragic love story about her life with Dee Dee Ramone and the band. It’s all in here, sex and drugs and rock and roll and death. Vera’s book is a great read, a real page turner and hey, Daddy-o, it’s all true!
    — Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of “Talking Heads” and “Tom Tom Club”

    “Like the Honeymooners on speed, Vera and Dee Dee’s knockdown drag-out coupling is full of escapades, cataclysms, and good old-fashioned affection. A love story for the ages...
    — Lenny Kaye, author of “Waylon: An Autobiography”

    “Personally knowing Vera and Dee Dee for many years, Vera finally blows the lid off her explosive marriage to the punk icon. Her compelling story is told with brutal honesty and heartfelt compassion right down to the tragic ending. Can’t wait for the movie…!
    — Bob Gruen, author and legendary rock photographer

    “Vera truly peels back the curtains in her exciting yet tumultuous memories while reliving the wild side of the ’70s punk extravaganza through the eyes and heart of a punk bride. A real lesson in passion and survival.
    — Keith Green, famed New York rock photographer

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