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No Picky (Spain)

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Durango 95
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СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Июн 09, 2008 3:58 pm    Заголовок сообщения: No Picky (Spain) Ответить с цитатой

В первый раз их услышал на сборнике Bubblegum Attack Rec. Заинтересовался))
Вот, нашёл, теперь и с вами делюсь. Cool

No Picky

After years of playing shows in Malaga and its surroundings they finally got signed in the brand new record label, Wild Punk Records in 1998 with their first release ever "Road To Beach", this is a 7" single with 3 songs on each side. They spend a year playing shows all over the place untill they finally release their first ever full length "Here comes vibroboys" (Wild Punk Records 1999) which proved to be such a succes that it´s currently out of print!. Now after a while since their last release they finally get the chance to release their second full length,"Vampira, malisima y seductora" (Wild Punk Records 2002) with one big change; they now play most of their songs in Spanish (instead of singing in english, which they did before). This is for sure their best piece of work up to date. For more info visit their website.

Location: Malaga, Spain
Influences: Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Groovie Ghoulies, Badtown Boys,dickies,generation x, The Queers,hard ons,the adicts, Los Vegetales, Bum, Hanson Brothers, buzzcocks, etc... ....

1997 - Road To Beach
01) I Wanna Be Toxic
02) Fuck Your Dad And Mom
03) Road To Beach
04) Surfin' In My Room
05) Nothin' Without You
06) Summertime

2002 - Vampira, Malisima Y Seductora
01) Carol Lobotomy
02) Fiesta En El Cementerio
03) Enfermo Contento
04) Donante A La Fuerza
05) Double Shot
06) El Increible Hombre Iman
07) Dracula
0Cool Veronica
09) White Sand Beach
10) Solo Necesito Un Poco De Diversion
11) Sueño Con Su Mirada
12) La Ouija

2005 - Here Comes Vibroboys
01 - Play Sex
02 - Cannabis
03 - Come Back To Me
04 - She´s An Old Bitch
05 - Nowhere To Go
06 - Vibroboys
07 - Do You Remember
08 - Pussy Lover
09 - Surfer Zombie
10 - Killer Whore
11 - No Picky (Punk Tonight)
12 - You Broke My Fucking Heart
13 - I Hate School
14 - What A Shit
15 - Fuckin Town
16 - Crazy For Your Tits

2007 – 64
1-A Base De Cafe
2-Sed De Venganza
3-Karate A Muerte En Torremolino
4-Cojo El 11
5-Fuera De La Lista
6-Hostal Austria
7-Harold Y Maude
10-No Te Voy A Dejar Mis Discos De Airbag
11-Rollito De Primavera
12-Adicto Al Prozac
13-Noche Sin Luna
14-Johnny Necesita Su Medicacion

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