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My Right To Survive - Неопубликованая биография Ди Ди

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Too Tough to Die

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СообщениеДобавлено: Вс Авг 05, 2007 9:13 pm    Заголовок сообщения: My Right To Survive - Неопубликованая биография Ди Ди Ответить с цитатой

http://ecommwire.com писал(а):
In this remarkable 72-page autobiography, Dee Dee Ramone (a.k.a. Douglas Colvin) tells a no-holds-barred story of a life that revolved largely around substance abuse and a chaotic, resentful relationship with his band-mates. Dee Dee covers his youth in Germany with an abusive father; his introduction to drugs; life with his wife, Vera; his repeated attempts to kick methadone, and his relationships with various friends and fellow rockers, most of whom fell victim to the same demons that plagued him throughout his life. According to the LOA, the typed manuscript was given to a limousine driver by Ramone in 1993 or 1994 after the musician, frustrated by the feedback he had received on his writing efforts, exclaimed, "Here, take it! I ain't working on it no more!
Dee Dee Ramone Unpublished Autobiography Original Manuscript - "My Right To Survive," "Unpublished Copyright 1992."

There are 72 Typed pages and a letter from the Limo driver who received this from Dee Dee personally telling the story along with a manilla file folder with hand written notes by Dee Dee including a phone number "313-996-4964," and statements such as "left wing radical non conformist," "looks like a mad man ... and doomed not to sleep anymore also

Из воспоминаний обладателя копии писал(а):

The manuscript is 73 unbound pages (including title page)in a yellow paper folder with several handwritten notations and personally given to me by Dee Dee in around 1993-94, and is in excellent condition.

I was a limo driver and picked Douglas Colvin up at the airport in Detroit. Right after leaving the airport, and just after getting on the freeway enroute to Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dee Dee asked me to pull over and asked if he could ride up front with me. He wouldn't let me open his door and said he could get it. He got in the front seat, asked me to call him "Pa Pa", and we talked for about an hour. I told him I had heard of him, but didn't know his music. He said that's cool, and he was just a "Poor man's son!"

I thought he was interesting, very dark, yet funny and genuine. I remembered he walked with a limp and believe he had a cane. He appeared much older than the age I know he must've been at the time. He remarked about his life in the Ramones, drugs and trying to write his life's story. I asked if the lifestyle was ever really fun. He said at times it was, though it has had quite a toll.

Frustrated with feedback he received on his writing efforts to date, he simply said, "Here, take it! I ain't working on it no more!" He also gave me a telephone number to reach him in Ann Arbor, which I wrote inside the folder. He said he enjoyed talking & it was a good trip. He'd try to book me for the return trip.

I never heard from him again and twelve years laters was sitting in a bar when a patron played a song on the jukebox. When I asked who it was, singing, "The KKK Took My Girlfriend Away," he said the Ramones. I told him I met Dee Dee & had a copy of his manuscript.

With some disbelief, he told me Dee Dee passed away a few years ago & how he would pay to read it being a major fan & stated no autobiography was published at that time. I told him I believed I threw it away long ago. At his urging I found the folder in storage & finally read his story.

His story covers growing up in Germany, an Army brat with an abusive father, his intro to drugs, his time as founding member until rebelling then leaving the Ramones, his life with Vera, New York and repeatedly trying to kick methadone, the Sex Pistols and named the guy who killed Sid Vicious' girl Nancy, losing a lot of friends to drugs and violence, through the forming of his new band, the Chinese Dragons and playing in Buenos Aires.

There is apparently, a mention of Billy Idol that I found particularly amusing, as well as what he and other band members would add to bottled beer that they gave to others. On a personal note, he wrote of how he hoped to get a sane driver, whenever he was driven anywhere. So on one hand he said he enjoyed the trip, but on the other, I wasn't the one who drove him back. (I won't read anything into that!)

There are plenty of typos and grammatical errors, but his detail is fairly gritty. Very surprising how much he writes in 72 pages.

This would be more appreciated by a true fan of the man and his music. I understand he did finish his autobiography around 2002-03 that was co-written with a friend. I have not read it, so I'm not sure as to any differences, or what's been repeated, but it's cool to have it in this form, anyway.

I believe this is under copyright protection and I have not copied this in any manner, save for the title page, the first five pages and the back of the folder, which I have scanned for the sole purpose of placing this ad.

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