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Copenhagen, Denmark 01.09.80

2 Much 2 Drink (Dee Dee King / Daniel Rey)

For a minute there
I thought I had writer's block
And I'd be taking my jewelry
To the pawn shop
I was so distressed
My life was a mess
I needed a new rap
Baby doll was in the nest
Max was being oh so quiet
There was tension in the house
You couldn't hide it
I was sittin' there
Thinkin' of a caper
But no new rhymes
Appeared on the paper
I was gettin' real edgy
And then the devil said "Yo Dee Dee"
Why don't you have a little drink
It might help you to think
It might make a new rap
Come into to your head
Baby doll wouldn't know
She's still in bed

2 much 2 drink
2 much 2 drink

Well I am very fond
Of Irish baileys cream
Maybe things
Ain't so bad as they seem
What's to fear
Just one little beer
A Heineken
Would be fun

And without thinking
I just started drinking
Singles and doubles
Forgetting my troubles
I was having such a good time
And everything started to rhyme
I couldn't stand up
I had two left feet
I felt real rubbery
So I took a seat
I was pretty drunk
And I could hardly think
I guess I've had
Too much to drink

2 much 2 drink
2 much 2 drink

I know I am in trouble
And I am miserable
The birds are singin'
And I feel like hell
I better get up
And brush my teeth
And make myself
Something to eat
And leave those bottles
Up on the shelf
And become
My own self
No more liquor
I ain't gonna blow it
From now on
I'll be the sober poet
No more whiskey
No more gin
'cause one ain't enough
And neither is ten
No more whiskey no more gin
Ya just get in trouble
When you're havin'

2 much 2 drink
2 much 2 drink

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