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CBGB's, New York, USA 1977

Its Alive 1974-1996

2007 — “It’s Alive 1974-1996”On October 2 “Rhino Records Company” prepared an amazing surprise to all Ramones-fans  a double DVD called “It’s Alive 1974-1996”, which is really the great collection of video treasures. This release gives an opportunity to trace the evolution of the band step by step: from the unknown band, playing shows in unremarkable clubs of New York, to the legends of the Universal scale gathering stadiums.

Over four hours of footage from shows in USA, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Italy, Argentina, and also 45 minutes of various bonus materials: interviews, previously unreleased music videos and photo gallery.


Hilly Kristal (1932-2007)

  (Hilly Kristal)On August 28th from complications from lung cancer at age 75 died the owner of CBGB Hilly Crystal. In 1969 he opened a bar “Hilly’s on the Bowery”, which in three years got a new name CBGB & OMFUG or “Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers”. Without a share of doubt that club became a birthplace of punk. There were playing such bands as “Television”, “Ramones”, “Blondie”, “Talking Heard”, “The Heartbrakers” and many more.
On October 15th 2006 CBGB was closed.
Hilly Kristal planned literally to remove CBGB to Las Vegas, bringing from the old club as much as it possible.


I Speak Music

“I Speak Music”

New York photographer George DuBose, an art director and the main photographer of 8 Ramones albums, released a photo documentary book called “I Speak Music”. 104 pages of the stories and memories, about 60 pictures (most of them have never been published before) — this is a product of a 10 year relataionship with the Ramones.

Richie Ramone will join the orchestra
Richie Ramone

The legendary drummer of the Ramones Richard Reinhardt, well known as Richie Ramone will join “The Pasadena Pops Orchestra”. He will perform a 17 minute drum solo interpretation of Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” to celebrate the 50th anniversary release on Broadway.

“The Pasadena Pops Orchestra” featuring Richie Ramone will give three concerts on August 17-19 at Descanso Gardens, La Canada, Ca.

Redkiye Metally

“Redkiye Metally”On May 31, the most popular punk rock band in Russia “Tarakany!” have released a unique mp3 compilation “Redkiye Metally”. It contains 57 tracks include demo versions, outtakes, the songs in English and German language, a few absolutely new songs and also 4 tracks of “Marky Ramone & Tarakany!” recorded in January 2005 at one of the concerts during their European tour “Ramones Night Tour”.


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