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Rock'n'Roll Soldiers

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Full Biography
Proudly representing for the roughneck end of garage rock, the Rock N Roll Soldiers make an aggressively nasty noise that owes much more to the Pretty Things and early Rolling Stones than it does the White Stripes. Impressively, the band also managed to bounce back from a bad major-label experience that would have destroyed most bands. Formed in Eugene, OR, in 1997 while its members were still in high school, the nascent group took its name from an old tour slogan by rough-edged 1970s Australian punk pioneers Radio Birdman, their favorite band at the time. Continuing their fascination with garage rockers past, lead guitarist Kevin Sciou joined the original core of singer and guitarist Marty Larson Xu, bassist Evan Sernoffsky, and drummer Oliver Brown because as a somewhat older and more experienced musician (he had previously worked with second-generation rocker Shooter Jennings), he was impressed that these kids knew all about the Flamin' Groovies. While touring the Pacific Northwest as opening act for various punk and garage bands, the Rock N Roll Soldiers recorded two 7" vinyl EPs for the garage-oriented indie Gearhead Records, 2003's The High School Sessions and 2004's The Weak Blame the Strong. (Original lead guitarist Lucas Gunn played on both of these records.) When the newly reconfigured Rock N Roll Soldiers signed with Atlantic Records in late 2004, the label repackaged the pair of vinyl releases as 2005's The Two EPs. That album was critically well received, and songs from it were placed in various TV shows and video games. However, although Atlantic bankrolled the Los Angeles-based sessions for the Rock N Roll Soldiers' proper full-length debut, So Many Musicians to Kill, and listed the album on its release schedule several times, the label ended up quietly scrubbing the album and releasing the band from its contract. Although Sciou left the band in the summer of 2006, the remaining members regained control of the completed album from Atlantic and self-released So Many Musicians to Kill on their own RNRS label, selling the album at gigs, through the band's website, and on iTunes. ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

Genre(s) Garage Rock / Indie Rock / Rock'n'Roll
Origin Eugene, Oregon, United States
Years active 1997–present
Website www.rnrsoldiers.com

* Marty Larson-Xu (Vocals/Guitar)
* Oliver Brown (Drums)
* Evan Sernoffsky (Bass)
* Lucas Gunn (Lead Guitar)

Official Website http://www.rnrsoldiers.com/
Official MySpace http://www.myspace.com/rocknrollsoldiers
Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_N_Roll_Soldiers
Official YouTube Videos http://ru.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=rocknrollsoldiers

Official Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers Street Team http://www.myspace.com/rock_n_rollers

Discography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_N_Roll_Soldiers#Discography

[2006] So Many Musicians To Kill
[2008] So Many Musicians To Kill (European Edition)
[2003] The High School Sessions
[2004] The Weak Blame The Strong
[2005] The Two EPs

FunkySouls http://forum.funkysouls.com/index.php?s=&act=ST&f=33&t=29754&hl=soldiers

First heard on the Greaseball Melodrama CD, Eugene Oregon’s Rock ’n’ Roll Soldiers hit out with 6 tracks of bluesy,Stones'inspired rock n' roll, more than earning their name.
This vinyl-only debut was recorded while the band was in their final year of high school.

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2003] The High School Sessions

Track Listing
1. Soldier's Fortune
2. Three Goddamns
3. Lay Down and Die
4. Dead Man's March
5. Can't Break That Glass
6. Shut Your Eyes

This vinyl-only EP features 6 tracks, including the much-heralded "Funny Little Feeling" as heard on the TV show One Tree Hill.
"Flag Song," "Barbarian," "Habits I Have" and a brilliant cover of the Love song "Everybody's Gotta Live" are exclusive to this release!

Originally released as a pressing of 500 on green vinyl, this is a pressing of 250 on black vinyl!

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2004] The Weak Blame The Strong

Track Listing
# Anthem
# Funny little feeling
# Flag song
# Everybody’s gotta live (Arthur Lee cover)
# Barbarian
# Habits I have

The Two EPs is the third EP released from the Rock N Roll Soldiers. It was released in April, 2005. The labels on the EP are Atlantic and East West.

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2005] The Two EPs

Original Release Date: April 12, 2005
Label: Atlantic / Ada

Track Listing
1. Anthem
2. Funny Little Feeling
3. Flag Song
4. Everybody's Gotta Live
5. Barbarian
6. Habits I Have
7. Soldier's Fortune
8. Can't Break That Glass
9. Lay Down & Die
10. Three Goddamns
11. Shut Your Eyes
12. Dead Man's March

So Many Musicians to Kill is the debut album of the rock band Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers. The band went through many complications in releasing the album. Atlantic Records continually delayed the release of the album in wish of building a larger fan base for the band. In turn, the band left the record label and got to keep all the rights to their music. They then released the album on their own label, RNRS Records, at their concerts in June 2006, then publicly on their myspace site in late July 2006. In August the band signed with Beverly Martel, who arranged for So Many Musicians to Kill to be released on the iTunes Music Store August 22, 2006.

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2006] So Many Musicians To Kill

Original Release Date: February 1, 2005
Label: RNRS Records

Track listing
1. Failures – 2:31
2. Bad Mistakes – 2:25
3. Funny Little Feeling – 2:47
4. Leave This Place – 3:56
5. Gunz Out – 2:37
6. Money Well Spent – 2:52
7. Flag Song – 2:10
8. Hills – 3:23
9. High School Made me Crazy – 2:49
10. Mud and Waste – 2:34
11. Behind Closed Doors – 2:49
12. Loose Arm Shake – 2:39
13. High and Low – 3:32
14. Waiting for One – 3:54
15. Anthem – 2:35

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers [2008] So Many Musicians To Kill (European Edition)

Track listing of the European Edition of Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers' first album 'So Many Musicians to Kill'.

1. Water Tower
2. Funny Little Feeling
3. Baby Monster
4. Leave This Place
5. Flag Song
6. Black
7. 3 Goddamns
8. Gunz Out
9. High and Low
10. When It Comes to Love
11. Bad Mistakes
12. Something Bigger
13. Anthem

spot "Funny Little Feeling"
просмотр ==> http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=3in27Vti_OA
скачка ==> high quality (DVD Rip)
Size: 165MB Media length: 02:59 Video size: 720 x 576

Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers - Anthem
просмотр ==> http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=PhOoYGnO6wA
скачка ==> http://ifolder.ru/6268034
Size: 7,61 MB Length: 03:01 Video size: 320 x 240

P.S. ==> страничка вконтакте
там загружены все песни группы, можно оценить как грицца не отходя от кассы и не делая лишних усилий на скачку альбомовWink))))
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